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Dental floss & Toothpicks

To floss or not to floss?

Even the smallest interdental brush can’t get through some spaces – particularly between the front teeth. Flossing is the answer. But you need to use the right dental floss… the right way.

Elastic microfibres: To clean the interdental spaces softly and gently

Cleans effectively and protects your gums

Dental floss from CURAPROX – perfect for daily dental care


In a tight spot? Floss

When should you floss? Only when the gaps between your teeth are too tight for even the finest interdental brush to get through. But it must be good floss. And you must apply the correct technique.

Dental floss – for special care

Braces, implants, crowns, bridges. All require special care. All require especially delicate cleaning of the interdental spaces. Dental floss – used carefully and with the right technique – can give you all this.

How to use your waxed dental floss

BDC for dentures

long-lasting care

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CS single 1006

Toothbrushing for the connoisseur

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Oral health with implants

How to make your implant last for decades

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