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Denture cleaning gel BDC Daily, 60 ml

BDC 100 daily gel

Denture cleaning gel BDC Daily, 60 ml


A simple, daily routine

Use this fresh gel every day to gently and effectively clean and disinfect dentures or retainers – increasing their lifespan, preventing bad breath and improving your oral health.

CURAPROX BDC-products help you to look after your dentures and safely remove all deposits with daily and weekly use, without attacking your high-quality dentures.

  • There are enough chemicals around. CURAPROX BDC provides natural care
  • Contains citric acid, eucalyptus oil and sea salt
  • No abrasives, hydrochloric acid and other sources of mouth irritation
  • Increases wearing comfort and everyday assurance
  • Dentures stay like new for years
  • Mouth and gums stay healthy

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